Other Services

Our care team is prepared with a variety of additional services:


Our program helps people understand what a diagnosis of diabetes means and how to live healthy with the disease. If you have diabetes, our care team of certified diabetes educators will help you manage your disease so that you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle and improved quality of life. We can provide you with services to help with all aspects of managing diabetes.

In addition to one-on-one care and counseling, we also offer training on the proper use of self-management tools. Our experienced, compassionate nurses provide assistance with:

  • Diabetes Causes, Effects, and Potential Complications
  • Advanced Wound Care & Management
  • Medications
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Insulin Administration and Tracking
  • Equipment Options for Self-Care
  • Exercise Planning
  • Nutrition and Menu Planning
  • Diabetes Education
  • Community Resources


A fall can limit a person’s ability to remain independent. While not all falls can be avoided, proper therapeutic intervention, education, and support can help significantly minimize the risk of falls.
Our falls prevention program is designed to understand the nature of a fall. Was it an accidental fall because of tripping over an item? Was it due to a loss of balance? Did the fall occur secondary to a medical condition such as syncope, dizziness, or mini-stroke? A fall can even occur from an undetected vision problem not spotted in routine eye exams. Once the reason is determined, a comprehensive care plan is developed to help prevent future falls.
To determine appropriate interventions when cognitive issues are present, we also assesses specialized risk factors, which may include dementia, denial, fear of falling, physical limitations, etc. We work with residents on strengthening, balance, posture, and safety concerns. We also hold discussions about the resident’s home environment and offer suggestions for improving safety there as well.